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The rich stay healthy and the sick stay poor.” U2

Mr. Trump said while a candidate, that applications for health insurance should be looked at by insurers with the same scrutiny as an employer reviewing job applications. “You wouldn’t give some bozo with zero experience a management position,” Trump said before asking, “Why should healthcare be any different?”

 “Where I come from, you have to prove your worth,” Trump continued. “You have some guy with no college degree working a minimum wage job; no ambition, no goals, nothing to show for it. Yet for some reason, the current administration believes he – and millions of people like him, should have access to health insurance. It’s outrageous.”

Now that we have seen his plan unveiled, we know he wasn’t joking! Although the attention of the media has been drawn away from this fundamental effort to break the American Healthcare System, and undo the changes Congress instituted with the Affordable Care Act, the Trump team in the Senate is working day and night to come up with a way to raise my premium (a cancer survivor) to $10,000 a month or so!

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